1701 Press


1701 Press, publisher of books about pop culture, with an additional curated list of pre-owned books for sale.

  • Dominic Caruso
  • , Akron, Ohio, 44301

Becoming A Diamond: The Strongest, Most Valuable Version of You


Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of this experience called life? Most do, but few do. Why them? Why not you? Either no one is special, or we all are. You can never be anyone but yourself. You can, however, become a person who enjoys health, wealth, love, and joyfulness as those you admire do, but in your own way. It takes four things. This book outlines phases for you to evolve into a metaphoric “diamond” while trekking life’s labyrinth of decisions.

  • Eboni Thomas
  • 4043175295
  • , United States

Cliophile Press


Robert Knapp’s Gangster Trilogy includes books that deal with gangster presence in central and northern Michigan. All are available on Amazon, but a signed copy can be ordered via cliolibri@gmail.com

  • Robert Knapp
  • 510 593 5216

Gwen Foss


We specialize in nonfiction, including rare and unusual books, songbooks, cookbooks, transportation, history, religion, occult and other topics.

  • Gwen Foss
  • 313-914-0652
  • , Inkster, MI, USA

ReQueered Tales


We have many different types of books within the LGBTQ community such as mystery, literary fiction, science fiction, bibliographies, and coming of age.

  • Matt Lubbers-Moore
  • 616-799-0526