Books About Detroit

“Things I Do In Detroit”, a collection of the greatest places in Detroit, and “Things People Say About Detroit”, a collection of quotes from famous Detroiters.

  • Dave Krieger
  • 3136550777
  • , Detroit, MI, 48202, United States

Broken Pencils

Historical Fiction, Toledo, Ohio, 1940’s. A young housewife struggles to keep her severely handicapped son out of the abusive 1940’s insane asylums. Based on true life events.

  • Victoria Arendt

Cliophile Press

Robert Knapp’s Gangster Trilogy includes books that deal with gangster presence in central and northern Michigan. All are available on Amazon, but a signed copy can be ordered via

  • Robert Knapp
  • 510 593 5216

McCormick Books

Michigan based bookstore selling new, used and rare books – we specialize in genealogy and local history but also carry books in a variety of categories.

  • Janet Blackhawk
  • 2482317430
  • , Hartland, MI, 48353, United States