Becoming A Diamond: The Strongest, Most Valuable Version of You

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of this experience called life? Most do, but few do. Why them? Why not you? Either no one is special, or we all are. You can never be anyone but yourself. You can, however, become a person who enjoys health, wealth, love, and joyfulness as those you admire do, but in your own way. It takes four things. This book outlines phases for you to evolve into a metaphoric “diamond” while trekking life’s labyrinth of decisions.

  • Eboni Thomas
  • 4043175295
  • , United States

Books About Detroit

“Things I Do In Detroit”, a collection of the greatest places in Detroit, and “Things People Say About Detroit”, a collection of quotes from famous Detroiters.

  • Dave Krieger
  • 3136550777
  • , Detroit, MI, 48202, United States

Broken Pencils

Historical Fiction, Toledo, Ohio, 1940’s. A young housewife struggles to keep her severely handicapped son out of the abusive 1940’s insane asylums. Based on true life events.

  • Victoria Arendt