Mission Statement 

Detroit Festival of Books (aka: Detroit Bookfest) is dedicated to promoting the joy of reading and the rich culture surrounding it.

We help bring books and people together in a free-to-low-cost environment.


Detroit Festival of Books 

Festival Committee

Ryan M. Place           Creator & Event Chairman

Lonni Thomas           Eastern Market Manager

Jim Charbonneau     Website Creator & Tech Wizard

Lauren Rautiola        Event Cartographer, Project Manager, Bookkeeper

Ed Clark                     Volunteer Coordinator

Louie Meizlish            Director of Public Relations & Media

George Hagenauer  Art & Comic Broker, Assorted Logistics

J.R. Junior                 Security & Social Media

DFB/DBF                    Communications



Rachel Quinlan         Creative Director

Jason Ratcliffe          DJ Zig-Zag the Funk Maestro

Larry Francis             Minister of Bookmarks



Countless hours wandering John K. King Used & Rare Books

Francis Grunow’s Marche du Nain Rouge Parade

DJ Frank Raines Funk Nightparties in Detroit

Mr. Francis’ ‘Tao in Thought‘ class @ PCEP

The uncrushable fighting spirit of Detroit

The beauty of Michigan

The rich, undulating tapestry of the United States of America

Book lovers and brain-food gobblers everywhere

The world of books, vinyl records, delicious food and drinks.



The Book Club of Detroit was instrumental in allowing us to use their treasury to get this event started.

We also receive generous assistance from Eastern Market, the City of Detroit, KDZ Consulting, and several community leaders.

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