Becoming A Diamond: The Strongest, Most Valuable Version of You

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of this experience called life? Most do, but few do. Why them? Why not you? Either no one is special, or we all are. You can never be anyone but yourself. You can, however, become a person who enjoys health, wealth, love, and joyfulness as those you admire do, but in your own way. It takes four things. This book outlines phases for you to evolve into a metaphoric “diamond” while trekking life’s labyrinth of decisions.

  • Eboni Thomas
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Lost Love: My First Boyfriend 1: Nadia’s Story

In “Lost Love: My First Boyfriend 1: Nadia’s Story”, shy, reserved Nadia did not expect to meet a cute boy in her Summer art class, but Aiden just seems to be everywhere she goes. Is fate trying to tell her something? Could Aiden and his cute dimples) finally be Nadia’s first boyfriend?

  • Rachel Moulden

Saskatoon Book Art

Olive’s Press & Curl- Children’s book about hair, Olive Math-multiplication tricks, and Rain, Bow, & Ark-Noah’s ark, Chocolate Music Print, Classical Music Print,

  • Sasha McGarity
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