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Taylor Love is an author who calls Michigan her home. An avid reader since she was a young girl, she gained a love of writing as well. She loves to read a variety of genres and hopes over time to expand her writing among several of them. She is a lover of learning a “little bit” about many things. She hopes her imagination brings her readers a few hours of enjoyment!




Crashing in on Love

After crashing a wedding in Jamaica can two strangers find love?
Tamara Reed is a jaded divorce lawyer with a “tiny” soft spot for love. After one hot night with Ben Thompson, she wants to forget it and go back to real life. But what’s a girl to do when island boo comes tracking you down? Do you take this unexpected opportunity with both hands? Or let fear of the unknown keep you alone?


Running Into You

Can a random run-in become the love of a lifetime?

Andrea’s fast-moving career doesn’t leave much room for romance. But when she runs into handsome Cam, can their sizzling attraction persuade her to open her heart? As much as she tries to run Cam is determined to catch and win her heart! What starts off as an everyday moment turns into a hot sizzling romance!


One Click For Love

Will a spur-of-the-moment decision to update her dating profile lead her on an unexpected journey to love?
Brihanna Lorde female relatives consider her “un-girly”. When the truth is she’s a modern young woman just trying to live her life. With her brother in newly wedded bless, her family ups the pressure for her to “catch a man.” Which is easier said than done for a semi-loner who’s a videogame programmer. Her quirky and independent personality seems to rub men the wrong way. However, she can admit to wanting a real relationship of her own. Taking a chance on a new “match” online, might net her a guy that doesn’t scare easily. All the while exposing her to desires she didn’t even know she had!



Lovers Hiatus

Her vacation timeshare has a “tiny” problem. There’s a grumpy naked man in her bed.
Janae Williams has taken a sabbatical to finish her first stand-alone research book. All she needs is a couple of months alone, to get her book and life together. She figured a remote cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan would be just the ticket. So when a colleague offers the use of his timeshare Janae eagerly accepts. There’s just one problem, the grumpy and naked man in her bed who refuses to leave! Damond is bad-tempered, stubborn and rude. It’s a guarantee he’s going to ruin her concentration to work. Even worse he seems to be scrambling her brain with lust!



In Between Chemistry

As an adult, Antonio Alverez has success beyond his wildest youthful dreams. Everything he needs and everything most women want. Which is why he’s mystified when Julia Millan won’t give him the time of day. But he has a second chance to win her over while they mentor a youth group together. Julia has seen the likes of men like Antonio before but at this stage of life she looking for more than being another notch on a Casanova’s bedpost. But as hard as she tries to stay away something pulls her to sexy Antonio over and over again.​
When it’s all said and done, will the two have anything “in-between” the chemistry?


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