Sober Cycle – Pedaling Through Recovery One Day At A Time

Her alcoholism was at its fiercest. Desperately looking for a way out of her addiction, Sherry joined a fundraiser that would require her to cycle hundreds of miles from Michigan to Texas—despite not even owning a bike. Pedaling while miserably hung over and being chased by everything from poodles to pit bulls, she soon discovered the road to freedom wasn’t on a bicycle. True recovery would come from following a different path.

Sober Cycle is the true story of Sherry’s fight to escape alcoholism and all its shame and secrecy. Written with a balance of honesty and humor, Sherry holds nothing back as she details her secret double life as an addicted follower of Christ. Recounting the many failed attempts to reach sobriety the hard way, Sherry offers hope to others without judgment or useless clichés, assuring fellow believers that redemption and healing can be found—without riding a bike for thousands of miles. Addictions—whether it is drinking, excessive spending, prescription drugs, gambling, social media, or being entangled in sexual sin—can be found in every walk of life, but you too can ride your way to freedom and find a deeply satisfying partner in Jesus to help you get there.

In Sober Cycle, find renewed hope and practical steps to recovery one day at a time. There’s always hope when you find your way back to the one that can save you.


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  • Sherry Hoppen
  • , Hudsonville, MI, 49426, United States

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