Wildsam is an award-winning American travel brand. Since 2012, we’ve published story-driven travel guides to help locals and travelers explore places in a deeper, more meaningful way. What makes us different: local contributors, interviews with locals of notes from chefs to actors to subway conductors, illustrations by local artists, original writing by award-winning local authors, and a pocket-friendly design.

We’re proud to announce our 2021 WILDSAM Detroit 2nd edition. Built on ingenuity and grit, Detroit is more than a comeback story; what’s unfolding is an urban renaissance, with thriving small businesses that point to a city alive and well. Inside WILDSAM Detroit, readers and travelers can check out our latest recommendations to explore this amazing city, including new maps, essays, interviews and all-new illustrations.

**Interviews with roller skating legend Rockin’ Richard Houston, baker Eggy Ding, filmmaker dream hampton, singer Martha Reeves, boxer Willie Fortune and more
**Expert picks for square pizza, workwear, vinyl records, printmakers and ice-skating
**Select poetry from Naomi Long Madgett, Robert Hayden and Toi Derricotte
**The best diners, jazz clubs, burger joints and more
**A Motown Records timeline, historical dive into Ford’s assembly line and hockeytown catalogue
**Illustrated maps of the city’s architectural marvels, neighborhood bars, arts destinations, urban farms and coney institutions
**Original essays from Imani Mixon, Rollo Romig, Rebecca Mazzes
**Illustrations by Kara Schutter



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