Ungrateful: A Novel

Inspired by Me Too and its international impact, “Ungrateful” is a tale of a young woman’s fight against abuse, drugs, and the sex trafficking of minors in the music industry.

Alimah Kebede is dissatisfied with her father’s management, despite his hard work that made her debut album go platinum. He pushes her as an R&B star—but Alimah’s heart is set on breaking barriers as a Black woman in alternative rock. Elliot Hunter, the CEO of Aten Records, lures Alimah with promises of giving her the rock career she desires—if she fires her father. Desperate for creative freedom and independence from her dysfunctional family, Alimah fires her dad and starts a relationship with Elliot. But, how deep is Alimah willing to slip into Elliot’s dark world to reach rock stardom? Will she risk her soul—and possibly her life—and make the most of it? Or return to her family and face being blackballed?



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  • Kenya Nelson
  • , Michigan, United States

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