The Scarlet Woman

I was rejected in the womb. Birthed into a narcissistic family who were wounded and without love to show or give. Abandoned by my father, I defined sex as love. Lost in confusion, a passion for drugs and alcohol. My instability led to sexual transmitted disease, prison time, and pregnancy. My uncertainty in life allowed me to be blind. Married and now divorced, my world fell completely a part. Falling in love lock within me was brought to the surface. Fighting the venom inside. I realize I couldn’t heal until the fa├žade ended! Let my words stimulate your mind. Let me bare my should to you. So I can extract a purpose to set your soul free. Exzneair Williams is a breath air! She is bringing you a new look into a taste of sensual, sinful, raunchy, arousing, and a overfilling passion of fire in her page turning book. Now the first step done, you picked up her thoughts now embrace this journey of her life.


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  • Exzneair Williams
  • , Indianapolis, IN, 46235, United States

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