the official report on human activity

A man gives birth to an elephant in a futuristic Detroit and a media frenzy ensues. A librarian dragged into to the maelstrom by her boss gets released from prison after attacking him, but ironically gets job working for a half human serial killer who runs a karaoke bar for ventriloquists. Those are just two of the linked stories of speculative fiction in “The Official Report of Human Activity” (Wayne State University Press 2018) by poet and fiction author kim d. hunter. The manuscript for the work won a Kresge Literary Arts Award in 2012 and a 2018 INDIES Silver award for short stories. He has published two collections of poetry: “edge of the time zone” (white print inc., 2009) and “borne on slow knives” (Past Tents, 2001).


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  • Kim Hunter
  • , Detroit, MI, 48216, United States

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