The Casanova Killer

Death, in itself, is a mystery. But when one experiences multiple deaths consecutively, that mystery now becomes more convoluted. In this twisted, roller coaster ride of emotions, when Geraldine Brentwood’s fiancé, and even her ex-lovers, start dropping like flies, she unexpectedly becomes the prime suspect. Even though each of them broke a piece of her heart that seemingly could never be replaced, she is yet in the process of clearing her name as the one who has done the unthinkable.

In this literary masterpiece, The Casanova Killer, author Erin R. Hodges takes readers on a murder mystery journey of love and life lessons that seem like too much for one person to bear. As Geraldine learns to stop looking for love in all the wrong places, she finds herself befriending someone who may not exactly have her best interest at heart, to say the least. Filled with heartbreak, heartache, betrayal and backstabbing, readers will be left on the edges of their seats as they indulge in this page turner from beginning to end.

When it’s all said and done, will Geraldine yield to the world’s definition of love, or will she awaken to her authentic greatness within and love herself as she is unapologetically and unafraid?


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  • Erin Hodges
  • , Detroit, MI

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