Soaring In Your Faith & Fitness

Soaring in your Faith and Fitness is an innovative, encouraging combination of foundational biblical principles, real-life examples and self-examination needed on your wellness journey. This book will push you from being comfortable to empowering you to be the healthiest version of who God created you to be. The words on these pages are intended to defy what traditional fitness programs suggest. Instead introducing the revolutionary concept of inviting God in on the journey versus “I just need more willpower” and “yoyo dieting.” Coach April brings a relatable approach to encourage every reader that living healthy is possible and desired by God. These teachings are often recognized in other areas of the believer’s life, however, ignored when it comes to wellness. In this book you will find powerful scriptures to meditate on and confess daily, heartfelt prayers to the Father, practical tips, songs of worship to workout to as well as to where to start, including workout samples for every level. Having confidence in God and loving the temple He created for you to enjoy is Coach April’s desire. It is possible to love the body God created and use it to impact the world around you!


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  • April Griffith
  • , Chicago, Illinois, 60603

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