Iceman Awakens

Forgotten and frozen for 5000 years, the most studied corpse in the world known as Ötzi was found emerging from a glacier on the Italian Alps. Murdered, shot through the back, his story creates a haunting need to understand how he got there.
Young Gaspare tells his tale as the Iceman, as he faces the rites of passage of an ancient tribe, the longing for love and deepening friendship, and the scars of cowardice. Gaspare’s four challenges will test his wit, strength, and the love of a mother for her son. If he is to find his place in the changing tribe, he must understand his greatest fear.
Iceman Awakens, the award-winning debut novel and IBPA’s Silver Finalist for the 2021 Benjamin Franklin’s Best New Voice in Fiction, will challenge the way you consider those from another time and place. Historical fiction set in the valleys of Northern Italy at a time when copper and trade were changing the way the world worked.


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  • Sharon K Krasny
  • , Nokesville, VA, 20181, United States

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