DA Henneman, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author

While it hasn’t always been part of her occupation, writing has always been part of DA Henneman’s life. Poetry and song lyrics through teenage angst (no you won’t get to read any of them), short stories in college classes (perhaps you will get to read some of them), and random marketing materials during her stint as a flower shop owner. Even with all of that writing in her life, ten chapters of a book stayed buried in her file cabinet until she closed her flower shop. The timing was finally right and the Power of Four series was born.

Her books incorporate empowered heroines, loving heroes, saucy antagonists and a magickal world that you will love to be lost in. The Power Of Four series is Fantasy Romance with a Magickal Twist, and her latest series, Goddesses In Love, is her take on how the greek myths “really happened.” Her first book in that series “Love For All Seasons” was released in February of 2021, with the second book “Medusa’s Secret” set to launch in the fall.

Most days she can be found on her blog posting about her writing journey which has its fair share of twists and turns. You can find her writing cave at dahenneman.com. Specials and #BookGiveaway for this event can be found on her Facebook Event at: https://fb.me/e/Kk2MYpzS. Links from the Author Facebook Page!



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