Beneath the Surface

Follow young Xing Xing just before her twelfth birthday, as her life quickly changes as she discovers a world of surprises under the sea that extend beyond her wildest dreams. Join her journey, as she voyages to a place on Earth that no human being has ever experienced, and get to know some of the millions of marine species she encounters like:

Giant squids with flashy white zebra stripes!

Spotted unicorn fish sparkling with gold scales!

Crabs nearly twice her size with claws that could wrap around her entire head!

While it is a vastly different way of life from what she’s familiar with, it is also a world that Xing Xing is deeply connected to, just as strongly as the ties to her life on land. From her immediate welcome into the mysterious inner depths of Earth until the day she must finally return to its surface, Xing Xing’s adventure reveals the inseparable connection and relationship between land and sea that had been lost for nearly a millennium.

BENEATH THE SURFACE, part one of an adventure series for open water readers (lexile 1000) ebook release March 27, 2022.

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  • Carissa Welton
  • carissawelton
  • , Ann Arbor, MI, 48108, United States

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