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The Interest of Love is one of the most powerful and compelling
books of this modern era! Its influential teachings will liberate
the powers of the mind by opening up the foundation of
knowledge formed when the world was created. There are
a series of events we have to go through to understand the
power of love. And, this discovery requires understanding your
thoughts to be our first step! Thoughts determine how we feel,
how we view things, and how we think. It is how we connect
with the world around us and the people in it. The very first
thought you have is a foundation of interest. And, addressing
the thoughts you’ve had throughout your lifetime, is the starting
point for the “Interest of Love.” In life, thoughts are everything!
It is what you know, it is how you act and it is the certitude of
what you desire. Our thoughts develop into interest, and our
interest accumulates into what we love. Through the “Interest of
Love,” you will understand your purpose in life! You will know
how to build an existence surrounded by a life worth living.
And, you will know how to develop a true happiness that can
survive, even in the worst circumstances! By reading this book,
you will ultimately see yourself for who you truly are. And the
mysteries of this world and the greatest secrets of all existence
will be available for you to know. All of this will be done, just
by personally understanding the way you think and why you
were created. And, it all will began by revealing your thoughts!


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  • Jeremy Tolbert
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