Thank You for the marvelous write-up Rare Book Hub

Thank You for the marvelous write-up Rare Book Hub

Rare Book Hub Bruce McKinney


Rare Book Hub is one of the top websites globally for all things rare books. Featuring news, auction listings, and more, it is a tremendous resource for dealers and collectors.

RBH was founded in 2002 by internationally well-known rare books expert Bruce McKinney to help gather and highlight information on rare books, antiquarian, collectible, OOP, ephemera, etc.


Rare Book Hub founder Bruce McKinney (photo by Lauren Thomas, New Paltz Times)


Born in 1946, Bruce grew up in New Paltz, New York near Poughkeepsie and currently lives in Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

This article was beautifully and kindly written by Dr. Maureen Mulvihill. Dr. Mulvihill is a native Detroiter, rare book collector, member of the Florida Bibliophile Society & The Book Club of Detroit, and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida.

It is a tremendous honor being featured on RBH and we thank you Bruce and Maureen!


The link inside of this link contains her 7-page PDF article:



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