Debbie Maciolek is the Official Photographer for Detroit Festival of Books

Debbie Maciolek is the Official Photographer for Detroit Festival of Books

Iconic photo of Detroit Bookfest taken by Debbie Maciolek in 2018 (Eastern Market, Shed 5, Detroit)

Native Detroiter, Debbie Maciolek, runs Debography, a local photography company. She expertly photographed some early incarnations of Bookfest for us in the past. And now, thankfully, she’s back!

The quality of her work is superb, and we are immensely fortunate to have her documenting the event.

You will see her running around at Detroit Bookfest taking photos. Please treat her with courtesy and respect.

Debbie Maciolek self-portrait (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

Here’s Debbie:


“I’ve got lots of books to donate. I can’t throw out a book. It goes against everything I believe in.”

“My early years? Wow, well, I grew up on Detroit’s Upper Eastside.  I lived on Lansdowne, between Yorkshire and Grayton and attended Guardian Angels at Kelly and Whittier and also Bishop Gallagher.”

“I attended Wayne State University, studying business and have my certificate of Photographic Arts from Macomb Community College.”

“For the past 28 years, my husband Bob and I have lived in Macomb. He’s a Colonel in the National Guard and we’ve owned a software business for 16 years now called Static Line Software.”

Abandoned Detroit building (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

“We have a son and a daughter, Blake and Claire, both finishing up college at Western Michigan and University of Michigan respectively and two furry kids. Our two dogs are Bella – a Lab-Pit mix, and Dexter – a Great Pyrenees-Siberian Husky mix.”

“I come from three generations of Detroit firefighters. My grandfather and father both retired as Chief of the city and my brother is a current Sergeant on the Eastside.”

“When I was young, my dad used to race stock outboard boats all over the state in short courses and marathons.  This is actually how I started photography. To this day, I love photographing live sports, especially hockey, and capturing the raw in-the-moment action.  Traveling frequently allowed us to camp all over the state. There is nothing like Michigan in the summer, the forests and lakes are incredible.”

Debography was started November 2016. I was able to leave my job with a software services company and move into being a photographer full-time. I shoot senior photos, lifestyle, off the beaten path type stuff, abandoned buildings, nature photography, events, etc.  Not weddings, never weddings.”

Detroit River photo (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

“My camera setup consists of a Canon 5D Mark IV and I use primarily Canon lenses, and Sigma Art lenses. My preferred editing software is Photoshop and I’ve found the absolutely best company for lighting supplies and support –”

“My advice for aspiring photographers is to understand the manual settings and remember that lighting is everything, it will always make or break your shots. Take the time to understand how light affects your subject.”

“As for hobbies, I love traveling, seeking out new adventures, experiencing off the beaten path type stuff. I’m an avid reader, mostly mysteries. I belong to a book club that’s…really more of a wine club, but hey, it’s fun. I’ve also been getting back into running, I’ve completed four half marathons and am looking to fit in a fifth one.”

Michigan is a wonderful state, we love it here; there is always something new to do. My husband and I have a cottage in Gladwin on Secord Lake and have made some fabulous friends up there. I grew up going to Burt Lake and Indian River, which are about a half hour south of Mackinaw City, and will always be one of my favorite spots. The State Park is great and the swimming and hiking can’t be beat.  Locally, we love spending time outdoors at Stony Creek Metropark and Dodge Park.  Favorite restaurants near our house include Da Francesco’s Ristorante for Italian food and Golden Fleece in Greektown for Greek food.”

“Outside of Michigan, my favorite spot hands down is Ireland. Stunningly beautiful country. I recommend renting a car and driving around southern Ireland, especially the Killarney area. And yes, for some reason, the Guinness really does taste better over there, the rumors are true! It tastes like Irish Magic.”

Castle in Ireland (photo by Debbie Maciolek)




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Owl in the trees (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

Nature photo (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

Fire hydrant encased by tree (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

Photo of a Horse (photo by Debbie Maciolek)

Capturing the Sunset (photo by Debbie Maciolek)




Gordie Howe book by Dr. Murray Howe!


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The raffle will run from Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29.


We are raffling off 3 personalized autographed copies of Dr. Murray Howe’s book ‘Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father‘.

Murray is the son of Gordie Howe and his book is a fun, humorous and thoughtful reflection on the life of his father and the multitude of lessons he’s learned from Gordie.


Dr. Murray Howe


Gordie Howe: Mr. Hockey

Gordie Howe


Anyone familiar with the great sport of hockey, invariably knows the name Gordie Howe. The name Gordie Howe is synonymous with hockey. He is after all called “Mr. Hockey.”

Gordie Howe was even honored by being featured on The Simpsons (executive producer Al Jean is from Farmington Hills and a big Howe fan).

And Cameron Frye wore a Gordie Howe # 9 jersey in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (director John Hughes was from Lansing and Grosse Pointe and a big Howe fan).


Gordie Howe on The Simpsons!


Gordie, # 9, played professional hockey from 1946-1980. He was a right wing forward with the Detroit Red Wings until 1971. He took a few years off due to arthritis in his wrists, then played for the Houston Aeros and Hartford Whalers.

2,400 games. 975 goals. Mr. Hockey is indeed an apt moniker.

Helmet-less, ambidextrous and known for game-winning goals, Gordie Howe was “discovered” by Jack Adams in 1947.

1950, 52, 54 & 55, the Red Wings were Stanley Cup champions thanks to Gordie Howe and the Production Line of Gordie, Sid Abel and Ted Lindsay.

Howe also played alongside Alex Delvecchio, Terry Sawchuk, Marcel Pronovost, Red Kelly, and inspired not only his teammates but entire generations of hockey enthusiasts.



Gordie Howe

Fans mailed letters to Mr. Hockey c/o Red Wings and the postman would deliver them to my father,” says Murray, “So essentially it was the postman who nicknamed Gordie “Mr. Hockey!
In the early 1950’s he lived at Ma Shaw’s boarding house, I don’t know the location. After he married, my parents moved to a home at 8556 Stawell Avenue, near Joy and Wyoming, in DetroitThey met at the Lucky Strike bowling alley. My mom went to Mackenzie High. My parents have written many books and I’m sure most of the specific details are on Wikipedia or in those books.

Gordie Howe


On June 10th, 2016, 88-year-old Gordie Howe passed away at his son Murray’s house in Sylvania, Ohio.

A few days later they had a Public Visitation at Joe Louis Arena for Gordie where thousands of people came from all over the world to pay their respects and say their goodbyes to the hockey legend.

The next day, Gordie’s funeral was at Detroit’s Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament. 900 people were there, including Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Gary Bettman, Steve Yzerman and other hockey luminaries.

A little over a year after that, Joe Louis Arena was replaced by the newly built Little Caesar’s Arena.

I love the new Little Caesar’s Hockey Arena,” says Murray, “The Ilitch family did an outstanding job. I also think my dad would have loved it. He still has his Howe #9 stall in the locker room. It’s home for him.”


Gordie Howe outside Gordie Howe Hockeyland Ice Arena


Fun Fact:

Gordie Howe’s Hockeyland Ice Arena (33101 Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores, MI).

Hockeyland was the USA’s first indoor ice arena when it opened in 1964.


Gordie Howe Hockeyland


*3 winners will be selected at random. Enter now for your chance to win!*

The raffle will run from Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29.


Biography of Dr. Murray Howe 

Gordie Howe


Murray grew up in the Howe family household at 28780 Sunset Boulevard West, Lathrup Village, Michigan.

After completing my radiology training at University of Michigan, a friend of mine wooed me down to Toledo, Ohio, just a half-mile across from border from Michigan. Many of my friends and family remain in the Detroit area, which we also consider home. We visit Detroit at least every other week.”


Gordie Howe and Murray


Dr. MURRAY HOWE is Gordie Howe’s youngest son.

He is head of Sports Medicine Imaging for Toledo Radiological Associates and Promedica Health System’s Sports Care program.

An associate clinical professor at the University of Toledo Medical Center, he also serves on the University of Michigan Medical School Admissions Committee.

He has four decades of experience as a keynote speaker across Canada and the US covering various topics including sports medicine, health and wellness, and hockey.

The author lives in Sylvania, Ohio.


Gordie Howe and Murray


Gordie Howe may have been the greatest player in the history of hockey, but greatness was never defined by goals or assists in the Howe household.

Greatness meant being the best person you could be, not the best player on the ice.

Unlike his two brother, Murray Howe failed in his attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a professional athlete. Yet his failure brought him to the realization that his dream wasn’t really to be a pro hockey player. His dream was to be his father.

To be amazing at something, but humble and gracious. To be courageous, and stand up for the little guy. To be a hero. You don’t need to be a hockey player to do that. What he learned was that it was a waste of time wishing you were like someone else.


The Nine Lessons from #9 

Dr. Murray Howe


Murray has learned far more than these 9 core lessons from his father. But this is a good sampling of what to expect in his amazing book.

1. Live honourably
2. Live generously
3. Play hard but have fun
4. Patience, patience, patience
5. Live selflessly
6. Be humble
7. Be tough
8. Stay positive
9. Friends and family are live gold – treasure them


The Gordie Howe International Bridge

Gordie Howe International Bridge (photo by WDIV Click on Detroit)


Few people are honored enough to have a bridge named after them. Gordie Howe is one of those rarities.

Gordie is a native Canadian who spent a considerable amount of time in Detroit and thus, many feel he best represents the mutual friendship of USA and Canada and that is why the new bridge is called the Gordie Howe International Bridge.

Later this year, the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority is starting construction on a $2 billion dollar bridge, which may be completed as early as 2022. The bridge will go from Windsor, Ontario, Canada to the Delray neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan.

The Bridge project is moving forward. They are also planning to have a bike path on it, which I’m very excited to try out!


Gordie Howe International Bridge


*3 winners will be selected at random. Enter now for your chance to win!*

The raffle will run from Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29.


Gordie Howe


Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father


Dr. Murray Howe


Gordie Howe video from the Red Wings


Detroit Red Wings Official NHL homepage


Gordie Howe


Gordie Howe


Howe Foundation


Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (Gordie Howe International Bridge)


Tour Little Caesars Arena in Detroit!


Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe Rookie Card

Gordie Howe and a young Wayne Gretzky

Gordie Howe and Sons

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe


*3 winners will be selected at random. Enter now for your chance to win!*

The raffle will run from Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29.