The Michigan Science Center will be doing a STEM pop-up at Detroit Bookfest!

The Michigan Science Center will be doing a STEM pop-up at Detroit Bookfest!

Michigan Science Center Detroit


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is one of the underappreciated interests of many Detroiters. This fun factoid does not get enough acknowledgement.

Originally coined by the NSF in 2001, STEM is a now-familiar acronym. However, one group has been keeping it on the map daily for decades.

Located in Detroit’s bustling Midtown cultural center district, the Michigan Science Center is a wonderful resource for all ages. It is a wellspring of creativity, innovation, and divergent thinking.

This 3-story, 110,000-square-foot hands-on science museum features a stunning variety of exhibits, theaters, galleries, programs, and a STEM-themed science store.


Michigan Science Center Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)


The Michigan Science Center opened in 2012. Mi-Sci is a 501c3 non-profit organization, a Smithsonian Affiliate, and a hub for all things STEAM.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a world of 220+ interactive exhibits, live science demonstrations, the Toyota Engineering 4D Theater, IMAX, Planetarium, and more.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the Michigan Science Center will be doing a STEM-themed pop-up at Detroit Bookfest.

Camera Stevens is kindly chatting with me on one of her short breaks from the hustle bustle. As the Outreach Programs Manager, Camera adheres to a busy schedule and spearheads several cool and important initiatives for Mi-Sci. Okay, enough Ryanbabble. Let’s hear the inside scoop from Camera.


Camera Stevens is the Outreach Programs Manager for Michigan Science Center in Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)


Camera Stevens:

“I grew up in the Southern Ohio/ West Virginia area, graduated Alma College in the middle of the mitten (20 minutes south of Mount Pleasant), spent six years as a naturalist, one year as a National Park Ranger at Sleeping Bear Dunes, and now I’m doing outreach for Mi-Sci.”

“The two main traveling programs we offer are Aramco Traveling Science and ECHO Distance Learning. My role is to take these programs outside the building to all counties in Michigan, along with portions of Ohio and Indiana. Aramco is in-person hands-on, whereas ECHO is a multi-country online platform.”


Michigan Science Center STEM Store Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)


Mi-Sci’s STEM pop-up at Detroit Bookfest will have three main components: Invisible Ink, Six Bricks, and a variety of books from our Science Store.

Invisible Ink is a live science demonstration where we look at how oxygen reacts with vitamin C and lemon juice. When we add heat, it will oxidize, and their name or message will come through the paper. Six Bricks is a fun brain activity using LEGO’s Duplo blocks courtesy of our partners at the LEGO Playful Learning Museum Network. This activity incorporates learning through play and fosters community building because you and a partner must work together on it.”

“Some of the books from the Science Store will feature titles for all ages centering around STEM topics including Science Fiction, diverse characters in STEM fields, and authors from a variety of backgrounds. We also carry some titles in Spanish such as, Maybe I’ll Be An Architect/ Tal Vez Sere Una Arquitecta and Maybe I’ll Be An Engineer/ Tal Vez Sere Una Ingeniera.”

“I love working at Mi-Sci. Guests should definitely check out the Science Hall. Our current temporary exhibition, called Above and Beyond, highlights innovation and ideas around the aerodynamics of spaceflight and aviation. And our stage shows are always a fun time. We offer live interactive demonstrations daily (10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm).”


Michigan Science Center Detroit rocket (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)


“Fun fact about our museum. There is an easter egg (hidden feature) that a lot of people don’t realize we have. In our Space Gallery, one of the rockets was too tall, so it actually continues up above the ceiling. Look beyond the solar panels for the top of the rocket!”

“Mi-Sci is fun for all ages. We also have 21+ events. And we host lots of field trips across all grades from kindergarten to high school groups.”

Memberships with Mi-Sci, on top of being amazing and worthwhile in general, can also get you discounted rates and free entry at many other museums across the country.”

Thank you, Camera! Come check out Mi-Sci’s STEM pop-up at Detroit Bookfest. And be sure to visit the museum while you’re in town.


Michigan Science Center Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)


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Michigan Science Center Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)

Michigan Science Center Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)

Michigan Science Center Detroit (photo courtesy of Mi-Sci)