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Poets & Writers Seeking Literary Outreach Coordinator in DETROIT
with Support from Hearst Foundations
New York, NY—January 24, 2019 – Poets & Writers, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to expand our core programs to better serve writers coast to coast, especially writers of color and other historically marginalized groups.
The Hearst Foundations awarded Poets & Writers a grant of $150,000 to pilot this project in:
Detroit, New Orleans, and Houston.
Outreach Coordinators should anticipate committing an average of seven to ten hours per week, and will be paid a stipend of $500 per month.
Work will begin in February 2019 and end in December 2020.
There will be in-person training in New York City in late February or early March; travel expenses will be covered.
Poets & Writers has a long history of supporting literary events in these three cities, as well as other parts of the country, through mini-grants offered by its Readings & Workshops program.
The Hearst Foundations grant will expand the funds available for mini-grants and enable Poets & Writers to engage more deeply with writers in these cities over the next two years.
Poets & Writers will draw on its decades of experience and existing relationships with writers and literary organizations, as well as its digital tools and resources, to help build stronger, more connected local networks that will support writers and create opportunities for more people to encounter contemporary writers and writing.
“We look forward to being a more active partner in strengthening the literary communities in each of these cities,” said Poets & Writers executive director Elliot Figman.
In Detroit, Justin Rogers of InsideOut Literary Arts was just as enthusiastic. “I am excited about the impact that this project will have on the literary community at large,” Rogers said.
Poets & Writers launches this new initiative as the organization, which was founded in 1970, prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2020.
“We’re grateful to the Hearst Foundations for making this possible,” said Figman, “and as we approach Poets & Writers’ 50th Anniversary, we hope this is just the first step toward helping more writers.”
Founded in 1970 and based in NYC, Poets & Writers has been the primary source of trustworthy information, professional guidance, support, and inspiration for writers for nearly fifty years.
Our work is rooted in the belief that literature is vital to sustaining a vibrant culture. We focus on nurturing literature’s source: creative writers.
Our mission is to foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.

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