Eastern Market: Shed 5

We are very thankful to people like Lonni Thomas, Dan Carmody, Melissa Thomas, Erin Gaiser and all of the other wonderful people at Eastern Market Corporation.

It is because of their foresight, generosity and dedication to Detroit that we are able to launch our Detroit Festival of Books. So, Team EMC, thank you!

Eastern Market: Shed 5

What is Eastern Market?

Opened in 1891, Eastern Market is the largest historic public market in the United States. The term “Eastern Market” colloquially refers to a 6-block district of Downtown Detroit.

Spread across 43 acres, Eastern Market is comprised of a series of indoor and outdoor sheds which function as consumer markets that currently average 40,000 weekly visitors and an additional 45,000 people on Saturday’s alone.

The Shed’s were added to Eastern Market in the 1920’s. Shed 5 was built in 1981.

Eastern Market: Shed 5

The Detroit Festival of Books @ Eastern Market (Sunday, July 16th, 2017)

The Detroit Festival of Books (aka: the Detroit Bookfest) will be located inside and around Shed 5, which is 22,000-square feet.

Shed 5 has four bathrooms, 7 large garage door-walls on the north and south sides of the building, and 6 huge industrial ceiling fans. Shed 5 is the northernmost of the sheds, located on Russell Street between Alfred and Williams.

Eastern Market: Shed 5

The Future of Eastern Market

In 2018, the Russell Flats Apartments are opening at Russell St & Alfred St inside a 5-story building featuring 82 units.

By 2025, Eastern Market will be 5x’s times bigger! They are expanding from 43-acres to 250-acres.

Eastern Market: Shed 5

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