Listed as one the top murals festivals in the world by Smithsonian Magazine, Detroit’s Annual Murals in the Market Festival is an incredible collection of street art and a must-experience event for both residents and visitors.

Thanks to Murals in the Market, Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood is one of the top hotspots for street art graffiti and murals in the USA, featuring over 150+ murals and other works of art.

1xRUN (one-time run) is a Detroit-based fine arts publisher and they created Murals in the Market. They are helping to bring 50+ local and international artists to Murals in the Market.

This year’s festival is expected to attract tens of thousands of attendees.


5th Annual Murals in the Market Festival!

September 14-21, 2019

Eastern Market

2934 Russell Street

Detroit, Michigan








Comprehensive List of Artists


MEGGS (6234 Russell Street @ Trombly Street, Detroit) Milwaukee Junction neighborhood

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