We will be adding potential vendors to the VNQ (Vendor Notification Queue) throughout the year.

This is not a guarantee that you will be a vendor, it is just a database of potential vendors.

Please fill out the online vendor app if you are interested in being added to the database.

Hello Potential Vendor, 

*Read everything on our Vendor Application tab before applying*

Thank you for your interest in the Detroit Festival of Books (aka: Detroit Bookfest)! 

Please fill out this digital Pre-Application and we will add it to our Vendor Notification Queue (VNQ). 

This does not constitute any sort of guarantee whatsoever about being a Vendor.

This just a Pre-Application Form.  

If you are selected to be a Vendor, we will notify you with a Vendor Confirmation email. 

Please note that there are several thousand people who want to be Vendors at Detroit Bookfest. 

We are limited by the square-footage of our festival venues and we are determined to try and help accommodate as many Vendors as we can. 

Once your information is in the VNQ, you do not have to re-apply. We will keep your application on file and email everyone in the VNQ database at the start of each new vendor cycle.

The main focus of Bookfest is USED, RARE & ANTIQUARIAN books.

However, we are allowing some vinyl records, comic books, vintage boardgames, authors, etc. 

Due to extremely high demand, we are limiting Author (ie: published, self-published/independent authors and presses) tables to one table maximum. 

Non-Author (ie: used, rare, antiquarian books, other books, vinyl records, vintage board games, etc) tables are maxed at 2 per vendor. 

Established, vetted & approved book dealers are maxed at 4 per vendor (if available). 
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