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Virtual Detroit Bookfest (July 15-17, 2022)

Become a virtual vendor for 2022


In addition to the in-person event, we are offering a Virtual Detroit Bookfest.

Because of the limited # of in-person vendors we are allowed this year, we are experimenting by creating this geographically boundless Virtual Bookfest (open to ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world), which will be included in all of our news media and promotions.


How will Virtual Bookfest work?

Virtual Bookfest is an experiment. We are creating a digital gathering of vendors.

You will be able to list your: website/digital storefront, offerings, contact info, and photograph or logo of your business. There will not be any videos or panels or interactive chats.

Items will not be sold directly on our website. Interested buyers will click on your link and be transported to your website or digital storefront where they can purchase items directly from you.


What can you list for sale at Virtual Bookfest?

Books (any kind; rare, used, news, authors, etc), Comic Books, Creative Arts, Ephemera, Maps, Paper items, Posters, Records/Vinyl LP’s, etc.


How will I create my listing on Virtual Bookfest? 

After applying, the Bookfest team will email you instructions on how to create your own vendor listing. This will be sent as an individual email directly to you. It is not instantaneously sent but may take a little while. We try to send these regularly ASAP, so we thank you for your patience.


Okay already, so how do I apply?

If you are interested in being a vendor for Virtual Detroit Bookfest, please fill out the form below.

The cost is $10.00 per vendor.

We use Stripe to manage our online payments. No credit card information is stored on our servers.



If you have any questions about being a Vendor, please email us at:

[email protected]