The Llove Llama & Friends Series

Introducing a new children’s book series – The Llove Llama & Friends! The series is co-authored by Sharla Charpentier & Monica Talbot-Kerkes. As parents and educators, the authors have recognized that students lack an understanding of their place in the world culturally and geographically. Thus, the authors aim to unite their passion for early literacy in education with their strong viewpoint that children should have a global belief system.
The Llove Llama series was created to foster awareness of the world in children, while bettering social-emotional awareness and early literacy in our country through adventurous and positive children’s stories.
“The Llove Llama Travels the 7 Continents” is the first book of the 8-book series. It is a story of a quest for friendship taken by a brave and adorable llama named Llove, who takes a trip around the world searching for her new best friend – the Child Reader! On each of the 7 continents, Llove meets a new special friend who sends her North, South, East and West on her fun-filled adventure around the world.
“Ned the Narwhal Voyages the 5 Oceans” is the second book and will be published this month. It Ned the Narwhal Voyages the 5 Oceans is a story about a naughty narwhal named Ned, who has a rainbow horn and special flipper wings! He flies and swims around the world, meeting new animal characters and learning valuable life lessons in this exciting ocean adventure!
Included in each book is a world map, discussion questions, and real facts and photos.


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