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Sromero Publisher is a conceptual book publishing that introducesnew writers to the literacy worrld.
Ours books available :

1)Book Homo tempus by F.E. Jacob

Homo tempus received preface by Alysson R. Moutri the scientist who created brain organoids with a gene that belonged to Neanderthals.Alysson says:“Homo tempus is an invitation to reflect on how we are shaping the future of civilization. It reminds us not to ignore our ancestral knowledge of the world, sometimes hidden in symbolism that we might not fully comprehend.It also alerts about respecting our neurodiversity, often overlooked in modern days. Thus, this is not only a fantastic science fiction story but also a moment to pause and learn about human nature”.

This book tells the story of Wallace Vidal, a young librarian who, lost in his own existence, accidentally travels through time and is caught – in the future – by Neanderthals.Now, his objectives are to escape and to understand what caused our society to collapse, all while desperately trying to reverse his mistakes in this future that he doesn’t understand.

To do this, he needs to survive on a long journey, where he’ll need to rely on the help of all those that he meets, be they Neanderthals or Sapiens.
With a flowing narrative and fast-paced dialogues, Homo tempus is a futuristic dystopian novel that is based on the most recent paleontological studies. Ideas from contemporary philosophers and primitive symbolisms are used to portray the human learning cycles that are needed during life and the consequences that ignoring them brings, both for the individual and for society.

2)The Butterflies on the Cemetery Wall by Rogério Lima Goulart

Meet the boy who studied at Pombal, in the historic city of Rio Pardo, in Southern Brazil. One day, as he wanders through the streets, he notices a spot on the cemetery wall. Much to his surprise, his observation opens a door to a new world. In his daily visit to the wall, he befriends butterflies and learns to see the world in a new light.

More than a fantasy, The Butterflies on the Cemetery Wall is a story about the preservation of natural resources and historical heritage, the importance of attending school, and the magical bond children develop with their childhood friends.

3)Pryn and Dyn an Adventure in the moon wood by Silvane Hamill

In the Blue birds Valley, the little and inseparable sisters, Pryn and Dyn spent their childhood days playing, always involved in countless adventures.
One day an old wizard had told the young elves, housed in the crown of an ancient fig tree, that, if a rainy day were over and another day dawned, illuminated by the joy of the sun, the Grove called Moon Wood would grant gifts to the first elves to visit it. It will be an extreme and risky adventure.

Prepare your heart because this long journey began…

4)Denzel – O caramujo sem memória by Alessandra Cysneiros (portuguese edition)

Conheça Denzel, um caramujo que acidentalmente perdeu a memória. Ele vai precisar usar toda sua esperteza para enfrentar diversos perigos e desafios assim como encontrar as respostas de todas as suas dúvidas.

Para esse caramujinho está reservada uma jornada cheia de descobertas enquanto ele busca por suas lembranças, bem como sua família.

No final de tantas aventuras, uma grande SURPRESA o espera!


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