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Mary and James, two siblings with wildly different views on life, feel obligated to fulfill the dying wish of their father, a man they’ve recently lost to COVID.

Heading out west in the family Winnebago to spread their father’s ashes, the pair find themselves navigating a country they barely recognize. Broken along political, economic, ideological, and religious lines, the invisible virus has turned family and friends against one another, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

With seemingly no coherent policies in place to deal with the threat, each city and state through which they travel represents a surreal landscape of unique risks and obstacles.

Their venture seems destined to fail until they meet a mysterious stranger named Jesus at a local truck stop who brings a new and unexpected dimension to their already extraordinary mission.

To James, the man appears to be nothing more than a down-and-out drifter, looking to survive a faltering economy and pandemic. But to Mary, the man represents something far more elusive. In Jesus, she sees hope for their future, success in meeting their objective, and healing for society.

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