JT Newman

Artificers and magic, undead and the Divine. Step into the world of the Divine Words series.

Divine Words: Book One
Murderous Absetian war golems lead an attack on Kovos’ home, destroying his village and threatening the entire nation of Terrat. Determined to defend his land and desperate for vengeance, Kovos learns to harness dark new powers and sets out to forge his destiny.

Speaker for the Dead: Book Two
After narrowly defeating Absetian war golems outside the gates of Naron, Kovos travels beyond his homeland in search of the fabled City of Death. Inside the city waits an undead army powerful enough to crush the Absetians and drive them from Terrat, if Kovos can master them. Guided by Death himself, Kovos meets new allies and old enemies, and learns a centuries-old secret hidden by the Divine.

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