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Former Detroiter, Janet F. Williams, is the award-winning author of three books. 1) YOU DON’T ASK, YOU DON’T GET: PROVEN TECHNIQUES TO GET MORE OUT OF LIFE (Good Day Media, 2010, paperback) by Janet F. Williams, named by Kirkus as their #1 self-help book of the year, reveals the 7 motivations that drive behavior, enabling you to ask for what you want and increase your chances for getting it. 2) SUPERIOR: ADVENTURE ROMANCE (Good Day Media, 2013, paperback and ebook) by Zoe Amos, a YA/Adult futuristic lesbian novel that takes place in what used to be Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, tells the harrowing story of how two women plot to escape what is meant to be a helpful, yet still dystopic society amid the backdrop of climate change. TALK TO ME (Sapphire Books Publishing, 2021, paperback and ebook) by Zoe Amos is the hot, new lesbian novel–a perfect beach read. When Claire signs up as Marly’s call screener at a fictional San Diego talk radio station, mayhem ensues–or is it love? This wacky, wild, comedy/drama explores coming out later in life, and the family challenges that accompany starting over. Zoe Amos has numerous 99 cent short story ebooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Professionally, Janet is a full-service manuscript editor and provides one-on-one coaching to writers desiring personalized attention.

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